Psalm 1 MT Translation

MTT Musica Theologica Translation

Musica Theologica Translation
Psalm 1

Happy is the man who has not walked in the advice of evil men and has not stood in the road(way) of men who miss the mark (sinners) and has not dwelt with ridicule-dwellers.

Instead his pleasure is in the teaching of YHWH and in his teaching he muses days and night.

He will be like a tree transplanted upon canals of rain water
he will give his fruit in season and his leaf will not wither
And all which he does he accomplishes (literal – makes successful).

Evil men are not so
Instead they are like chaff which the wind drives away.

Thus the wicked men will not raise up in the judgment
and men who miss the mark (sinners) in the congregation of the righteous.

For YHWH knows the way(road) of the righteous
but the way(road) of the wicked will be destroyed.