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Here you will find a digital repository of my teachings and writings. I am not trying to present unique content. Because when  it comes to teaching the Bible unique content is usually wrong content. Rather my goal is to provide the Global  and local Church with an additional tool to be better equipped as unified believers who Glorify God & Make Disciples – All for the Sake of the Gospel.  In the words of C.S. Lewis, if it helps use it, if it doesn’t then toss it out.

In the presence of YHWH (God) there is a collision of heart and mind. A collision of emotion and thought. A collision of affection and intellect. While, at times, there is an attempt to divide the two both are required to fully embrace YHWH. Without the affections, a person’s understanding of YHWH is dry and unengaged. Without the intellect, a person’s understanding of YHWH is shallow and superficial. Each is necessary, but neither is greater. Here you will find my expression of both affection and intellect— my expressions of music and theology. Here you will find my Musica Theologica.

The content of Musica Theologica includes teachings, outlines, manuscripts, Musica Theologica Bible Translations (MTT), audio links, video links, position papers, and papers submitted within the academia. Everything here is intended to be a resource for the Global and local Church and is free to use. Please remember to give credit when using any content from You may support the work of Musica Theologica by giving at


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