Psalm 4 MT Translation

MTT Musica Theologica Translation

Musica Theologica Translation
Psalm 4

For the director of music – A melody of David

Intervene when I call God of my righteousness –
Impoverished you caused me to grow –
Be my grace and hear (act on) my prayer.

Sons of man,
How long will my glory be insulted
(by) loving emptiness
And (by) seeking deception?

But know,
YHWH has separated his kind ones
YHWH hears (acts on) my call to him.

Tremble (in fear) and do not miss the mark
Declare in your heart on your bed
Yet be silent

Sacrifice ‘sacrifices of righteousness’
And trust in (towards) YHWH

Many are saying,
“Who will show us good?”
“Lift up the light of your face YHWH!”

You have put more happiness in my heart
Then at the time when their grain (food) and fresh wine is plentiful.

In peace I both
Lie down and sleep
For you alone YHWH
Cause me to dwell securely (in trust).