Practical Discipleship


John Carter – February 9, 2014 – Luke 6:12-13 –  Series: HVBC Discipleship
Practical Discipleship

Location/Event: HVBC Discipleship Classes


  • Jesus calls Peter, James, John
  • Jesus Heals – Prays – Heals
  • Jesus call Matthew (Levi)
  • Disciples of Pharisees, John, and Jesus
  • Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath
  • Jesus goes onto the mountain to pray about which of his disciples he will send as Disciples.
  • Sermon on the Mount

In year 0 there were approximately 200 Million People on the Earth.[2] But Jesus put his time and energy into 12 insignificant men. Even more so only 3.

Pray for wisdom of who and how
Look for a need, similar personality, or similar gifting

Being discipled
Learning how to make Disciples
Making Disciples

Discipleship is difficult because it exposes your most venerable parts.[3]
Engaging in this process void of prayer is engaging in this process void of the Holy Spirit.

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