Roah Summit – Take Care – Video

The pain of racism doesn’t begin and end at the news feed.

I have had the privilege of having numerous talks with a friend of mine over the past few months on the topic of racism. And of course, like many conversations, the Baltimore situation has become the poster child of this subject in recent weeks. My friends’ passion in articulating that ‘even the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ is big enough to overcome racism’ has resonated deep in my soul. I believe my friend. I believe that the Gospel is big enough (Qualitatively and Quantitatively) to overcome even the fiercest of racism. But, that doesn’t mean that the pain left in the wake of racism is immediately pacified. For the wronged Christian it truly is a sacrifice to forgive the old and deep scars.

The reality is I don’t fear walking down a dimly light street with a hoodie on. My friend does. But because I am a believer I can come along his side and mourn when he mourns (Romans 12:15) just like one day I will rejoice when he rejoices in the finally fulfilled freedom that our savior Jesus the Christ will bring.

Social Justice is ill-equipped to solve the problem of sin.