Psalm 5 MT Translation

MTT Musica Theologica Translation

Musica Theologica Translation
Psalm 5

To the Leader of the Nehiloth (Flutes?) – A melody of David

.     Listen to my Word – take interest in my talking

My God & King
.     Pay Attention (!) to the sound of my cry
.     For to you I begin praying

.     In the morning listen to my sound (voice)
.     In the morning I set (everything in order – like a sacrifice) and wait expectantly for you

.     You are not a god who is pleased with wickedness
.     Evil is not your companion
.     The boastful will not stand before your eyes
.     For you hate all troublemakers

.     You exterminate liars
.     You despise murderers and deceivers

Through your abundant loving-kindness
.     Even I enter your house
.     I bow toward you holy temple in fear

.     Lead me in your justice
.     Because of those who watch me, make your way clear in front of me

.     There is nothing is in their mouth
.     They are established in their evil
.     Their throat is an open grave
.     They make smooth-flattery with their tongue

.     Declare them guilty
.     Fail their counsel
.     Banish them in their abundant crimes
.     For they have rebelled against you

All who seek shelter in you are happy
.     Let their loud-happy-yell last
.     And cover them
.     Let them rejoice who intimately-love your name

.     You make the just (righteous) happy
.     Like a shield you surround them with goodness

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