Evolution Kills Babies: Social Evolutionary Theory is an Attack on Anyone Created in the Image of God


Social Evolution

John Carter – August 10, 2015 – Writings
Evolution Kills Babies: Social Evolutionary Theory is an Attack on Anyone Created in the Image of God

Have one child and you’re growing up. Have two children and you have arrived at the peak of childhood. Have three children and you made your point. Have four children and you really need to stop now. Have five children and people will start pulling you aside to discuss your sterilization options. (And I am talking about real children – not pets. Pet parenting is not parenting. It is animal ownership.)

It has been amazing how many people have been concerned that Katie and I have had four children. It has been offensive that Christians carry this same concern. God wasn’t joking when he said ‘Be fruitful and multiply.” [1] Thant is why we named our fourth boy Ephraim, which means ‘fruitful’ in Hebrew.

Today my wife showed me an article [2] in a book [3] that reignited my fury at this anti-baby agenda. There are a few things that were mentioned in this article that ripped out my stomach.

  1. “Darwin viewed women as lesser beings in the system of evolution.” [4] (It’s a good thing our theory about women has evolved.)
  2. Margaret Sanger, who founded what later became Planned Parenthood, believed that most evils stemmed from large families. As she wrote in her 1920 book, Woman and the New Race, “the most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” (Notice: Sanger does not count the infant anything less than a real human)
  3. “When motherhood becomes the fruit of a deep yearning, not the result of ignorance or accident, its children will become the foundation of a new race. There will be no killing of babies in the womb by abortion, nor through neglect in foundling homes, nor will there be infanticide. . . . Child slavery, prostitution, feeblemindedness, physical deterioration, hunger, oppression and war will disappear from the earth. . . . When the womb becomes fruitful through the desire of an aspiring love, another Newton will come forth to unlock further the secrets of the earth and the stars. There will come a Plato who will be understood, a Socrates who will drink no hemlock, and a Jesus who will not die upon the cross.” –Sanger (Notice: Sanger anticipates for abortion to someday end – take a note Planned Parenthood.)

Christianity teaches that evil is rooted in sin (rebellion against God), not “large families”. [5] Christianity also teaches that Jesus willingly died to defeat evil so that we might live. Margaret Sanger teaches that through social evolution and forceful abortion we might defeat evil and live. This still flies against the teaching of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christian, the small family dream that you are pursuing is not housed in a Christian world view. Why is it that when chance for a baby to survive infancy are at their historical highest – their chances of abortion are also seemingly at their highest.[6]

Moms, do not give up the fight!

Dads, step up your game!

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[6] This is not a mandate to have children – but it is a stern rebuke to devalue having them. – Refusing to have children is unbiblical at best and a sin at worst.