When the journey is difficult a pause is needed.


Dear those read this,

For those that are close know that Katie and I keep a rather full load. And we like it that way! But sometimes life adds additional unplanned difficulties (car breaking down, pastor leaving, higher than expected work load, slow business). Those difficulties in and of themselves are not overwhelming, but the accumulation of those difficulties can become overwhelming when added to the original plan. When those times come we must each take certain steps to ensure that we come out successful without compromising on our convictions. That is why I am taking a break from posts on Musica Theologica until the end of this Fall semester. Any posts that come from JohnCarterDrummer have already been scheduled since August. While I take a pause from posting here are some ideas I have to encourage you to consider:

  • If you want more details call or email me/Katie
  • Pray for us as we continue to pray for you
  • If you find yourself overwhelmed with the demands of life consider pressing pause on certain activities to be successful in more important areas (working out your salvation in fear and trembling, family, friends, major life goals, etc)
  • Take the risk of being honest with some friends and trusted mentors who can help your find clarity in this moment of life

Until I write again…


John Carter