Psalm 51 – God Calls Us to Repentance and Restores Us

Michael Murphy – February 11, 2018

· Psalm 51 is a result of David sinning against Yahweh and Nathan being sent by Yahweh to convict him of his sins.

· When we think of this Psalm we must think of the penitence/sorrow/repentance/restoration that David experienced

« What David Did: 2 Samuel 11

1. David was at his house when he should be in battle with his men (Kings went to battle in the springtime)

2. Committed Adultery with Bathsheba (Got her pregnant)

3. David sends for Uriah (To get him to sleep with his wife so that Uriah/Others think he is the father)

4. Uriah wouldn’t sleep with his wife because his men were on the battlefield

5. David sends Uriah back

6. David wrote a letter to Joab “Set Uriah in the forefront of the hardest fighting. And then draw back from him, that he may be struck down, and die”

7. When Uriah was dead he brought Bathsheba into his house and she became his wife and bore him a son

8. What David did displeased Yahweh

« What Yahweh Does: 2 Samuel 12

1. Send’s Nathan (Prophet) to David to convict him of his sins

2. We must remember Yahweh anointed David King over Israel

3. We must remember Yahweh delivered David from Saul

4. Tells David because you have scorned me your baby shall die.

5. Yahweh gave David the house of Judah & Israel

· David Psalm/song of Repentance and need for God after sinning against Yahweh

· Psalm 51 is personal for David and sung corporately with the intention of the those who hear to confess their sins & to appeal to God’s gracious character for forgiveness

· David calls out to his own proclamation found in Exodus 34:6-7

· Explain LORD/Yahweh

· David submits to God as his priest (v1-2)

« King David pleas for God’s mercy according to who Yahweh says he is (Exodus 34:6-7)

« Define sin 1 John 3:4, ” The essence of sin is that we choose things, love things and like things to show we do not value God above those things.”- John Piper

« King David pleas for Yahweh to completely wash him from all is sin and iniquity. This is not just a rinsing off and David is good, but David wants to be deeply washed from his sin so that any residue of sin that is in his soul that would be offensive to God would be removed.

· David acknowledges his sin and who he has sinned against (v3-5)

« Note David owned his sin and does not hide it!

« David sin haunts him and is reminded that his sin has offended our Holy God.

« Yahweh would be justified in removing David from his kingship and or killing David.

« David was born into sin. Pregnancy is not sinful but the world we live in is sinful/ fallen state (Gen 3)

· God starts the restoration process (v6-13)

« God delights teaching David truth in his inward being and teaching him teaching David wisdom in the secret heart (v6)

« David pleads with God to purge David with hyssop (was used to apply blood to a sacrifice Exodus 12:22]) so that he will be clean from his

sin, iniquity & transgression. Because God has cleansed David he will be as white as snow before God/ Holy before God (v 7)

« David desire to hear joy & gladness; Let the bones that you have broken rejoice. (v8)

« The broken bones are not that Yahweh has broken David’s leg but has convicted David’s heart because he committed adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband Uriah (v8)

« We must understand when conviction from God comes it is painful and can feel like we’re being attacked. Let us remember that the Word of God is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). We must be like King David and Rejoice at what God is doing lest we become like the rebellious house of Israel who had hard foreheads and stubborn hearts before God (Ezekiel 2:5,3:7).

« David asks God to hide His face from his sins and asks God to blot out David’s transgressions. (v9)

« David asks God to create in him a clean heart and renew a right/steadfast spirit within David (v10). This is painful

« David pleads with Yahweh to not cast David away from Yahweh’s presence and take not your Holy Spirit from me (v11)

« Take not your Holy Spirit from me is referring to the position/kingship that God has given David (v11)

« David pleads with God to restore to him the joy of salvation and to uphold David with a willing spirit (v12)

« Once Yahweh restores David, David is washed from his sin and David’s response is to teach transgressors the Law and sinners will return back to Yahweh (v13)

· David’s response to Yahweh is genuine worship (v14-17)

« David pleads with Yahweh to deliver him from bloodguiltiness (remember David used the death of Uriah to cover up/atone for the fact that he slept with Bathsheba/ Uriah’s wife and got her pregnant)

« David admits that Yahweh is the true source of David’s salvation/Holy atonement. When God grants David’s request for salvation/Holy

atonement David’s response is to sing loud of Yahweh’s righteousness (v14)

« David asks God to open his lips so that David can declare praises to Yahweh (v15)

« David confess that Yahweh will not delight in sacrifices or David would give it. Yahweh will not be pleased with a burnt offering. Yahweh has richly provided for David, David has enough unblemished bulls to be sacrificed but it is Yahweh one who gave David the position to attain the bulls for sacrifice. David shows us Yahweh’s heart in that Yahweh is more concerned with the brokenness of our heart and accepts the brokenness of our heart as a sacrifice. Yahweh wants our hearts, not the material things that he has given to us as a sacrifice. (v16-17)

· Corporate worship Restored (v18-19)

« David pleads with Yahweh to restore the people of God (Zion) so that sacrifices in the temple may proceed so that God’s people can worship God again

« David has a passion to build the temple in Jerusalem. But David won’t be able to because he has shed blood.

· Conclusion –

1. God calls David to repentance (v1-5)

2. God starts the restoration process (v6-19)

· People of Fortuna Baptist turn to Hebrews 9:11-14,9:22-23,1 John 1:9

· Application – How to be devoted to Obeying God’s Word (Psalm 51)

1. Plea for God’s mercy to thoroughly blot out your all sins by the blood of Jesus. “if our sins are not blotted out by the blood of Jesus then our names will be blotted out of the Book of Life” -Charles H. Spurgeon

2. Confess in detail what your sin is to God

3. Rejoice at the conviction that God puts on your soul

4. Pray that God Create a new heart in you & renew a right spirit within you