Riverside: An Overview

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Mission Convictions

These are the convictions by which we (Me and Katie) desire to live by.

  • Live like our Father is holy (Live a holy life)
  • Live like a resurrected Jesus is coming back (Remain Gospel focused)
  • Live like the Holy Spirit is real (Spirit led and Spirit dependent)
  • Live with an exuberant passion to act in accordance with what we believe is true (A vibrant and passionate Christian walk; Real with people)
  • Trust in the Godhead for our Provision (A life of prayer and faithful dependence upon God for all things)
  • Trust in the Godhead for our Mission (Both the What to do and the How to serve)
  • Pray in belief for everything (We pray to a living, generous, and faithful God)

The Riverside (See Acts 16:11-40)

The term Riverside is based on Acts 16:11-40. Starting by the riverside in Philippi and moving throughout the city this story brings together 5 elements that have become important to us. These 5 elements will also be defining marks of the Riverside.

  • Prayer
  • Singing/Music
  • Encouragement of the brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Care for the broken
  • Teaching (Gospel, Commands of Christ, Bible, Biblical Languages, Spiritual Disciplines)

No matter where we live we will seek to live in a way that displays these elements.

We Are Self-Supporting Missionaries

Although we will not reject material support from the local church it is our desire to go and serve even when a church cannot offer material support. It is our prayer that God will use PaperFromHeaven.com, JohnCarterDrummer.com and his providence as a means to provide for the work we do. Because of our desire to make God’s powerful provision visible we will not pursue marketing or any other campaigning models to solicit material support. We make our needs made known to God in prayer and then to only those who ask.

Global Church

We would like to first serve the local church through pastoral care, teaching, hospitality and prayer. Second it is desirable to go and serve the global church through the use of short term mission trips. In these trips I plan to provide intensive biblical language and Theology courses to equip local leaders with the tools and resources necessary to begin translating from Greek and Hebrew into their own language. This will require a multi-year investment into a single area that already has a Bible translated into their mother tongue. After learning their language the biggest work will be creating resources for future translations such as grammars, lexicons and dictionaries.

Underground Seminary

Upon finishing my Masters Degree in Biblical Languages we desire to become an underground seminary. The underground seminary will be an intense time discipleship where men & women come to study the Bible. This discipleship relationship is intended to equip church leaders and teachers with the tools necessary to study and  teach the Bible from the original languages. The work will be rigorous but worth effort. Because discipleship will be the primary mode of communication there will also be an significant emphasis on spiritual disciplines as well. Lectures, discussions, and community will be integral to this intentionally small group of students.


The Riverside exists wherever the Carters are. Hemet, CA is a viable location because of the current connections with people and ministry opportunities. However, at this time CA does not seem to be the right place. Grand Junction, CO has peaked our interest. This started when we drove through Grand Junction in 2014 while on vacation and praying for where we would serve. After this trip further research showed that this area of the United States in spiritually deprived of the Gospel and may provide a nice balance between urban and rural living. However, despite our best planning we are still praying and leaning into God to see where he will provide a location and a people.

Timeline & Remaining Details

The Riverside already exists. It is wherever the Carters are. The seminary will officially begin when I (John) have my Master’s Degree. It is desirable that we go with other like-minded believers to assist in this endeavor. There is no promise of pay. Everyone will be self-supporting. There are no plans to ‘go public’ with the work. Meaning, this work won’t have a marketing campaign. We will trust the Holy Spirit to take us where we need to go and to send us those who need to learn from us. We are underground because we are purposefully trying to work outside of the radar of unnecessary government oversight. We will pay Caesar what is Caesar’s, but we are intentionally working in a way that we believe is more consistent with a Gospel-centric ethic. Some of those that come may someday attend an accredited seminary but most may not. We are not trying to work counter to traditional seminaries. Just differently. Discipleship is of a greater importance than academic knowledge. But this does not mean the academic rigor is loose or light.


Those who are visiting need to ensure they are giving as much as they are receiving. Those that serve will also work. Those that work are provided for. See here for a list of expenses.

Recommended Books / Links

L’Abri by Edith Schaeffer
Bonhoeffer’s Seminary Vision by Paul R. House
Keith Green Documentary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXOhSScVMUs