One Year Later – An Open Letter

One Year Later -
John Carter – January 17, 2016 – Writings
One Year Later – An Open Letter

Hello Friends,

It has been one year since we have last seen each other in California. One year. One year of life. One year of birthdays. One year of plans. One year of dreams. One year of songs. One year of moments forever forged in time never to be regained.

Today as I was moving cautiously about my thoughts I was thinking that it is odd how the times of most severe testing and mundane boredom have become so warm in my memory. Warm because of the times of comfort that were mixed in by the presence of my friends. In some strange way music has become a way of time travel to these various moments of comfort, caution, and laughter. So as music prods the deepest recesses of my memory I wonder if I will ever become content with the present. Or if I will always long to go where I have been or desire to go where I may yet to be. {Oh God, I miss my brothers and sisters in Hemet. In your time may I see them again?}

I have officially competed over 20% of my degree. This means that I will have 2 years left of language training which will conclude at the end of 2017. This will then leave me with another 1-2 years of Bible studies which will conclude no later than 2019.

Katie and I are praying about the opportunity, and means, to come to California this summer for the purpose of visiting with friends and family and serving our brothers and sisters in any capacity made available.

Paper, ink, and binary code seem to lack the substance and satisfaction of real presence. But I hope that each of you knows that your sorrows are our sorrows. Your joys are our joys. And that each of your voiced prayers are our prayers.

We have so much to share with each of you. We have so much to ask. So until we are near again I leave you with this encouragement.

In light of Acts 16:11-40 how can you and I be

  1. An intentional person of prayer
  2. A proclaimer of the Good News of Jesus Christ
  3. A comforter for the broken
  4. An encouragement for the family of Christ and
  5. A source of song in the midst of life

How can you and I become a Riverside in the midst of wherever life and the Spirit takes us?


John Carter

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