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FFH Fabricfromheaven.comcropped-mtchaos-1440x250.jpgHello Friends!

Katie and I opened a fabric shop!
In an effort to serve the local and global church Katie and I have spent the last year wrestling through what that would look like. One aspect of that effort has been to expand Katie’s sewing business (Paperfromheaven.com) and to begin teaching and playing the drums (Johncarterdrummer.com). So I am excited to announce the official launch of FabricFromHeaven.com. Through Fabric From Heaven we hope that this will become a way for us to support ourselves to serve the local and global church. We desire to be self supporting in serving the local and global church so that we can serve the parts of the church that cannot afford well trained pastors. Because if well trained pastors gravitate towards well funded churches then who will serve the lesser funded churches? By the grace of God we hope that we will get to.

Over this past year Katie and I spent a good deal of time studying the ministry of Francis and Edith Schaeffer in our search for better serving the church though our passions and gifts. At the conclusion of our study we have concluded that we are pursing the direction of God to be a Riverside. The Riverside is a commitment to make our home a place where we pray for and teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In my Open Letter I eluded to the 5 characteristics of our Riverside.

  1. An intentional place of prayer
  2. A place where of the Good News of Jesus Christ is taught
  3. A place to comfort the broken
  4. An place of encouragement for the family of Christ and
  5. A place of song

If God chooses to use a local church to provide for our needs, Praise God! If God uses PaperFromHeaven, FabricFromHeaven, or JohnCarterDrummer, Praise God! Our agenda is not to make money but to serve people with the resources and gifts that we have been given.

Grace, Peace, & Mercy

-John Carter

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