Psalm 6 – Musica Theologica Bible Translation (MTT)

MTT Musica Theologica Translation

Psalm 6
Musica Theologica Bible Translation (MTT)

Psalm 6 – MTT

For the music Director
Music on the Eighth
A song of David’s

not in your nose(anger), punish me
And not in your violence, discipline me

Favor me YHWH, For I am weak
Heal me YHWH, for my body is terrified

And my life is terrified greatly,
And with YHWH, until when?

Return YHWH,
Draw out my life,
Deliver me on account of your goodness

For in death there is no memory of you,
In the underworld who will put their hands up(praise) to you?

I grow tired,
With my groaning, my bed – I cause it to swim all night
With tears, I dissolve my sofa

My eye,
It wastes away from exasperation,
It grows old because of my antagonize-ers

Turn away from me doers of evil,
For he hears-YHWH- the voice of my weeping

He hears-YHWH- my plea
YHWH- my prayer he takes

They are embarrassed and they are dismayed greatly,
All my hostiles
They are returned, they are ashamed suddenly