Black lives matter

Two shootings within 48 hours. Both seemingly unjustified. In my opinion 99% unjustified. I’ll leave 1% for a margin of error.

We can’t turn into a lynch mob when it comes to seeking justice. Because we all know how that turned out. Nor can we justify a death.

Theologically we all deserve a violent and eternal death. Yet, in light of God’s grace and mercy shown to us through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ we have the benefit of forgiveness grace and mercy. Which means we need to do better then to blame the victim.

A lynch mob won’t ensure justice. But neither will justifing the actions of a man. If cops do not begin to be held accountable for bad calls, mis-actions  or any other comfortable terms then what options are left?

White Christian Community: We need to do better at protecting the poor and/or oppressed. This is in part why we left Christendom.

Black Christian Community: In your pursuit of justice remember two things. 1. Do better then we did. 2. “Life is Hard.” (Scott M. Peck – The Road Less Traveled)

God, we need your grace to shine down.

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