9 Marks of a Healthy Church – 4 A Biblical Understanding of Conversion

John Carter – December 3, 2017


Mark Four: A Biblical Understanding of Conversion

God’s Work in Us

Bad Fruit and Good

Is Change Needed?

  • Yes
  • Culture says, ‘Do not impose your views!’
  • We are basically evil
  • Original Sin

Is Change Possible?

  • Total Depravity
  • But change is possible – through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

What Change Do We Need?

  • Complete submission to God

What Will This Change Involve?

Mental Acceptance?

  • Even the demons believe that Jesus is God
  • Parable of the tares & the wheat

Moral Resolve?

  • Self-righteousness

Mere Relying on Christ

  • Christ Alone

How Does The Great Change Happen?

We Do Nothing?

  • We repent

We Do Everything?

  • Total Depravity, we can only do what we have been empowered to do.

God Works This Saving Faith in Us

  • Ezek 11:19
  • John 6:44
  • Ephesians 2:8-9

Faith comes by hearing

  • Romans 10:13-17
  • Acts ‘They received the word.’
  • Phil 2:12-13


  • Believe