Musica Theologica in Transition

John Carter – June 12, 2018

On October 12, 2012, I made my first post which included a teaching outline and audio file from a seven-week study through Leviticus (The Same Gospel from the Beginning: Introduction). From the beginning, was formed out of academic conviction and pastoral concern. At that time I was burdened by the need to provide the footnotes of my teachings. I wasn’t teaching or preaching often, but I wanted to make my research available for anyone who was interested in doing more study. Also during this time, I was not looking to establish a name for myself as a writer. However, I did want to make my future teachings available to anyone who found me to be a helpful teacher.

This is my 165th post and almost 6 years have passed since then. Needless to say, a few things have changed. A significant change has been how many times a week I teach. Even further, my demands as a husband, father, and as a pastor has changed. However, my response to these changes has not been regular and consistent. This has resulted in me having 2-3 months’ worth of content yet to be uploaded from this year alone. So through months of praying, seeking wisdom from friends, and through the helpful use of biographies I have been able to find resolution about what to do with my digital repository of sermons and other teachings.

Moving forward will take on the following characteristics:

  • Sermons & Teachings will only be available in audio format. If you would like a copy of my notes I will gladly email you a copy, but please understand that these are unedited and possibly unrelated to the actual sermon. You can contact me HERE with those requests.
  • Other writings will continue to be posted at random. I am not an accomplished writer, but sometimes I love to write. When those moments come I will continue to post those writings.

Please continue to pray for me, Katie, and the boys as I have the privilege of serving as a Pastor in Fortuna CA. Also, continue to pray for the work of the Riverside and those who come here for training in ministry.