Ecclesiastes – Men’s Bible Study

2019 FBC Fortuna Men’s Bible Study
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The apex of being a man is not being married, employed, wealthy, or healthy. The apex of manliness is godliness. Being a man first requires being male and second, it requires being of the age of adulthood. Men are adult males. Godly men are adult males who submit in all ways to the authority of God and Jesus Christ as their Savior. This study is designed specifically for men, both young and old, who are seeking to become godly men. We welcome and encourage the participation of any male who is twelve (+/-) years old or older. This monthly study will be a training ground to equip men to lead in the church, in the home, and in any other area of life that a man is appointed to exercise authority or have influence.

In the life span of a man, many different life stages will be experienced: birth, childhood, education, singleness, marriage, employment, extended unemployment, fatherhood, being a grandfather or uncle, widower, and death. Not every man experiences all of these life stages, but being a man will certainly flavor how we respond to each of these stages. Godly men prepare for these life stages by being steeped in the Scriptures, by surrounding themselves with other godly men, and by appropriately planning before, during, and after these life stages.

Men, it is primarily your responsibility to lead. Not as overlords, but in the example that Christ left for us. Husbands and fathers, it is primarily your responsibility to evangelize and disciple (educate in the faith) your wife and children. Younger men, it is your responsibility to humble yourself and to learn from the older men in the church. Older men, it is your responsibility to invest in and to pour into the younger men so that one day they too might do the same. To achieve these ends, it is necessary that we embrace the gift of the church community for the benefit of teaching, reproof, exhortation, and training based upon the careful studying of the Bible.


Men make men. This is the reason why this Men’s Bible Study exists. Boys need to see godly men to become godly men. But our definition of what a godly man is must be derived from the word of God. Therefore, to become men and to make men we must study the word of God.

The word of God is the purest form of counsel. If you need wisdom, then search the word of God. If you want to defeat sin (idolatry, adultery, pornography, drug use, drunkenness, anger, evil intentions), then search the word of God. If you want to be a better husband, father, son, employee, or friend, then search the word of God. Above all, if you want to be more like Christ, then search the word of God!

Any life stage a man might be in, he will discover that this Men’s Bible Study will prove to be of great benefit. This is because this Men’s Bible Study is focused on seeking the testimony of Jesus Christ and how that changes our everyday lives. The testimony of Jesus Christ as revealed in the word of God is the final authority of salvation, godliness, and manliness. If this biblical reality is ignored then significant damage will follow. But if this biblical reality is understood then the benefits will be great indeed!


This Men’s Bible Study is designed to help you become better at studying the Bible. Studying the Bible is hard. That is why it is a discipline. But men do hard things. That is why one of the manliest things you can do is study the Bible well. Good Bible study will never be an easy task. However, there are some things that we can do to make Bible study more fruitful. Here are 7-steps that you can use to study the Bible personally. These 7-steps will also be used throughout this Men’s Bible Study. Hopefully, as you faithfully and consistently apply these 7-steps you will grow in your love of the word of God and ultimately become a more godly man as you seek to know God rightly. It is expected that each man has properly prepared for each study in advance. The study itself is not designed to be a walk in the park. But neither is it meant to a burden. Therefore, before you come to each monthly study be sure you have prepared well!

            Step 1: Pray
            Ask God for wisdom and understanding
            Step 2: Read
Look at the text
            Step 3: Study
Ask Questions – Make Observations
            Step 4: Interpretation
What is the main point of the text?
            Step 5: Theology
What does the text teach about God? The gospel?
            Step 6: Application
How should this text be applied?
            Step 7: Community
Teach, Listen, Discuss


We cannot learn to properly study the Bible without discipleship. Discipleship is how we learn to study the Bible. Discipleship includes a commitment to a local body of believers (a church). But it also includes living in daily relationship with other believers who pour into us and whom we also pour into. Every Christian is called to disciple others in the commands of Christ. Men must lead by example in this area. As an analogy, it has been said that every Christian needs a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy in his life. A Paul is someone who pours into you, like a father into a son. This is someone who is more mature in the faith and helps you grow in your faith. A Barnabas is someone who pours into you as much as you pour into him. This is a friendship of mutual benefit. A Timothy is someone who you pour into. This is usually a person less mature in the faith than you. It is highly encouraged that no matter where you are in your walk that you have these three (3) different discipleship relationships. So, who is your Paul, your Barnabas, and your Timothy? Perhaps they are already a member of FBC or perhaps they are not yet a member of the FBC community.

Who is my Paul?

            Who is my Barnabas?

            Who is my Timothy?


This Men’s Bible Study will include three parts every time we meet: Singing, Study, and Prayer.

We are not rock stars. We are worshippers of the triune God. Men must learn to sing so that they can lead the church in loud worship through song. Therefore, each Men’s Bible Study will begin with a time of singing.

Each month we will look at a new section of Scripture. It is required that each participant reads, studies, and fills out the questions prior to class. We will also have a portion each week where we discuss being a man based on the questions

If we are to succeed in being godly men it will be because we are dependent on God. This dependency is displayed through prayer. Therefore every Men’s Bible Study will end with a time of prayer. We will break into groups of 2-3 men and pray for each other.


This summer (2019) FBC Fortuna will be going through a sermon series called Summer of Suffering. It is hoped that during this sermon series FBC Fortuna will gain a biblical theology of suffering. But as it normally goes in the Christian faith, God never allows us to learn without also testing what we are learning. Therefore it seems appropriate for the men of FBC Fortuna to prepare for suffering ahead of time to lead their families and community in suffering well. The leadership will require both knowledge and the biblical wisdom needed to endure seasons of suffering. When it comes to wisdom and suffering, the book of Ecclesiastes excels in both. This is why Ecclesiastes will become the training ground for the men of FBC Fortuna to prepare for the suffering that every follower of Jesus is promised to experience.