1 Timothy 1:12-17 – Thank God For Life Over Death

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John Carter – March 3, 2016 – Writings
Thank God For Life Over Death

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Thank God For Life Over Death

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Do you thank God for the compassionate mercy he has shown you? Paul had an abundance of thankfulness for the God who strengthened him and entrusted him to be set aside for serving the Church of God. Paul had a list of boasts longer than most, yet by the end of his life his boast remained in the Lord alone.[1] Think about the life Paul had when he was known as Saul. He was violent in speech towards God, violent in action towards Gods people, and violent in thought. Yet it was this very intentionally violent person that God chose to have compassion on.

Why? Why would God chose to flood a man like this with Love and Faith?[2] Because through a man like this the purpose of Christ would be made known to all who heard and saw. Christ Jesus came into the world to save violent men and women just like Paul.[3] Violent men and women deserve death, but through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus we receive forgiveness and eternal life. But to add to the complexity of salvation, Paul still considered himself a sinner when saved.

Through the Man Jesus we have the fullness of the Godhead.[4] Through the man Paul we have a demonstration of total patience on the part of Christ Jesus. This demonstration of total patience was to show those who are about to believe that even they in their complete sinfulness are not out of the reach of God’s salvation.

With news like this how could one not break into shouts and songs of joy and glory? This is the King of eternity who never corrupts or fades, who is beyond our grasp of comprehension, and who is only and unique in his existence. There is none like him. To him be honor and glory forever. And Ever. And Ever. And Ever. True and Faithful is this declaration! Timothy’s name literally means ‘God honorer”. So when Paul places the words ‘God’ and ‘Honor’ next to each other it seems like Paul is shouting, “Timothy, this is the fullness of your name. Live out your name!”

Christian, Praise God and Honor Him who has considered you trustworthy to serve even though your past is anything but worthy of God’s trust. Those who are set aside for service are not set aside because of their goodness. Instead we are set aside for service because of God’s compassionate flood of love and faith. Every Christian faithfully serving, every Christian faithfully teaching is a living example of Christ Jesus’ total patience as he is waiting for all who will to believe upon him for eternal life.

  • Are you regularly thankful for your salvation? What areas of your life has God been compassionate to you in?
  • How are you faithfully communicating Christ Jesus Purpose for coming into the world?
  • Are your worthy of the calling of God in your life?

Christian, we are worthy of death but chosen to serve.


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[2] John 3:16; Ephesians 3:16

[3] The first of 5 ‘faithful and worthy’ words in the Pastoral Letters

[4] Colossians 2:9