The Book of Ruth – God Will Secure the Salvation of His People

The Book of Ruth1

John Carter – July 17, 2016 – Ruth
God Will Secure the Salvation of His People

MT Bible Translation

A Teaching outline of the Book of Ruth

In Ruth we see that God has, and will continue to, secure the salvation of his people. This is a message on the sovereignty, love, and purpose of God.[1]

Main Text: Ruth 1-4 (Read Time 12 Minutes +/-)
Sub Text: Mathew 1:1-16

Biblical-Historical Features[2]

  • Abraham and Lot (Genesis)
  • Moab and Israel (Numbers)
  • Time Frame of the Judges (Judges)
  • Law of Gleaning and Provision (Leviticus)
  • Laws of Redemption (Leviticus)
  • Lot and Abraham > Moab and Balaam (Numbers)
  • Judah & Tamar > Perez (Genesis)
  • Davidic Line
  • Theme of Generations (Genesis)
  • Micah 5:1-5

Four Major Characters:

  • Naomi:
    • Pleasant > Bitter > Restored
    • Disobedient Israel – Haters
  • Ruth:
    • Moabite – Lot > Moab > Balaam > Greater than 7 Sons
    • Faithful Gentiles – Outcasts
  • Boaz:
    • Worthy Man (Remnant)
    • Covenant Loyalists – Humble
  • Obed:
    • Born of bareness > Born to a worthy Mother/Father > Secured the Davidic lineage > A Restorer of Life
    • The King of Israel – The Anointed

In light of Ruth 4:13-22 the reader of Ruth should interpret the Book of Ruth as a Post Exilic Book, promoting the Davidic kingship that is pointing the reader to the future heir of the Davidic Line; specifically, Jesus the Christ. This passage captures the excitement of Israel in regards to the resolve of YHWH to not leave Israel without a redeemer.

God has secured, and will continue to secure, the salvation of His people. Therefore, submit to the Calling of God who sovereignly, lovingly, and purposefully sought to save you from certain death.


[1] David Block’s Exegetical Commentary is an excellent resource for studying Ruth. His commentary has shaped or solidified my interpretation in ways too numerous to count.

[2]A limited understanding of the First 5 books of the Bible (Pentateuch, Law, Law of Moses, Books of Moses ) and the Davidic lineage will greatly hamper the hearer’s understanding and interpretation of Ruth. Encourage the hearer to Read these books. Do not beat them for not reading.